Carl Junction High school Soccer


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Our Mission & Vision

CJFC partners with CJHS to support each other in growth and knowledge. CJFC teams seasonally attend a night of high school games and are recognized for being a part of the soccer community. The hope is that these young players will learn skills early and find a love of the game that will stick with them into their high school years. The Club teams take turns helping out in concessions and being ball runners. We are excited to continue Carl Junctions growing love of the sport.


CJFC is working to grow soccer players through the ages, building a foundation of experienced and cohesive players to help our HS Soccer team grow into it’s full potential. We hope that some players will play from U6 all the way into High School, and that others that played for a time and chose to do other things may still have some skills they can brush off if they decide to explore soccer again as high school students. The design of our program should build team players that help build up any new players and elevate each other as they enter new teams and face new challenges. 

More Info

Carl Junction high School has an indoor turf field and our games are played on the schools lighted football field. There is also a practice field that is located directly to the east of the football stadium.  

The cost to attend home games is $2.00 for students and $4.00 for adults. There is a concession stand that is open during games. HS games are usually on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5:00pm but check our season schedule to find out specifics. 


CJ -VS-Monett JV:2-0  V-6-0
CJ-VS-Pittsburg JV:0-0 V:5-1
CJ -VS-McAuley V-9-1
CJ -VS-Cassville V-5-1
CJ -VS-McDonald Cty  V-7-0
CJ -VS-Carthage  V- 3-0
CJ -VS-Willard JV-  V-
CJ -VS- Marshfield JV-  V-
CJ -VS-Neosho JV-  V-

CJ -VS-Branson JV-  V-
CJ -VS- Webb City  JV-  V-
CJ -VS-Thu Republic  JV-  V-
CJ -VS- Ozark JV-  V-
CJ -VS-Nixa JV-  V-
CJ -VS- Joplin JV-  V-
CJ -VS-Spg. Catholic JV-  V-